Well, there goes our next three hours of productivity.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
March 13, 2018

Sometimes, just a taste of Tomorrowland magic is enough to hold you over until your next Disney vacation. Well, Google has now made getting your Disney fix — even if you're thousands of miles away from a park — a whole lot easier.

On Tuesday, Google announced Disney Parks coming to Google Maps, in which Maps' "Street View" mode will allow users to tour 11 Disney parks virtually with 360-degree panoramas. To try it out, simply type in "Disney World" on Google Maps and click the Street View icon (it's a yellow person) to begin. You can also click this google maps link and start your day at Epcot, Pandora, Hollywood Studios, and more from Google's curated collection across the parks.

Sure, this little dose of Disney won't replace a trip to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Space Mountain, but it sure will brighten your day. Did we mention how much your kids will love having a Minnie-and-Mickey cam at their fingertips 24/7?