This latest creation takes french fries to a whole other level.
Disney Castle at Night
Credit: FrozenShutter/Getty Images

If you haven't heard of Disney Food Blog, welcome to the Most Magical Food Instagram Account on Earth. Now, let's take a moment to consider three of the most glorious food groups: macaroni and cheese, french fries, and bacon bits. What would happen if you combined the three? A mashup so brilliant a mad scientist must be behind it. Or, you know, Disney world. Behold: French fries smothered in globs of velvety mac and cheese, finished off with a generous sprinkling of bacon bits.

As Disney Food Blog shared earlier this week, you can now get the delicacy at Disney World. The unique french fries are sold at Casey's Corner in Magic Kingdom, and while they aren't on the online menu yet, they reportedly cost $5.99 an order.

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A wise word for those who can't wait to inhale the new Disney World menu addition? Scarf 'em down after your journey zooming over Splash Mountain.

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