Enthusiasm and "boundless amounts of energy" are musts.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 15, 2019
helen89/Getty Images

What's the only thing cooler than working at Disney World? Debatably, the answer to that question is working on Disney Cruise Line — where you get to bring Disney's signature magic onto the seas.

Luckily for those seeking a new gig, Disney Cruise Line is hiring for some seriously amazing jobs. On the Disney Cruise Line website, job listings in the entertainment department aboard the company's ships include cruise staff (an assistant emcee role), musicians, nursery counselors, youth activities counselors, lifeguards, mainstage and character performers, and more. According to the site, these types of roles "are some common positions within the Entertainment Department that Disney Cruise Line recruits for externally."

Per Travel Pulse, working for the Most Magical Ships on Earth are not without drawbacks: "Workers should know they also are expected to work up to four months at a time without a day off, and work 70 to 84 hours per week." However, for some, the flexibility of having several weeks or even months off between gigs may be a boon for certain lifestyles.

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Would you apply to work on a Disney Cruise ship? We'd imagine the employee perks and discounts are pretty amazing.

Come to think of it, though, we can think of one job even more incredible than working at a Disney theme park or aboard a cruise: Being a full-time Disney princess. Where can we apply for that gig?