Think before you order that drink.
Beer Taps
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Heading to the local pub for a pint sounds like a great plan for a Friday night, but no one wants to spend their Saturday on the couch with a stomach ache due to some mystery gunk picked up at the bar.

Figuring out whether or not a pub is living up to cleanliness standards can be a challenge, though, especially because some of the potentially dirtiest spots aren't easy to see. British paper the Independent reports that Cask Marque, an independent accreditation firm, took a look around some pubs in the U.K. and found a spot that is definitely not visible to most people at the bar—the beer lines that connect beer taps to the kegs in the basement. After their research, they were able to figure out which lines were the cleanest and which pint you should be avoiding at the pub.

As the Independent reported, Cask Marque sent investigators out to 22,000 pubs in the U.K. and used smart devices on 220,000 taps to figure out just how clean the drinks being poured into customers' glasses really was. Turns out that there are some pints that should be passed over. According to the report, the drink that was most frequently served through "unclean" lines was cider, a.k.a. the beverage of choice for pub goers who don't like beer. Cask Marque said that 44% of the lines bringing cider from the basement to a glass were simply not that clean.

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Beer drinkers didn't get off scot-free, though, as 35% of lager was found to be pulled through dirty lines, too. While pubs in the South may clean their beer lines regularly, it's hard to know for sure, which is certainly something to think about over your next pint.

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