The Sneaky Difference Between "Oceanfront" And "Ocean View" Hotel Rooms

Don't be fooled.

Hotel Room with View of Ocean
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Planning a beach vacation is stressful enough without throwing confusing hotel terminology into the mix. It can be easy to fall victim to hotel scams, which is why it's so important to pay close attention to what type of room you're reserving.

When it comes to beach getaways, it's essential to understand the different kinds of ocean "views." Take, for instance, the difference between "ocean view" and "oceanfront" rooms. Many travelers make the mistake of assuming that they mean the same thing. But as business entertainment consultant Jeff Russel recently explained to Business Insider, that's not the case at all. Here's what you need to know before booking your next beach vacation.

The Difference Between "Ocean View" and "Oceanfront"

"'Ocean view' simply means you get at least a sliver of a view from somewhere in the room," Russell said. "An oceanfront room actually faces the ocean. If a hotel lists both an oceanfront room and an ocean-view room, know for a fact that the ocean view will not be looking right out on the ocean." Specific terminology, such as "partial view," can also help disguise a room's location. When searching for the best room, the price difference can help indicate whether you will truly view the ocean from your room or might get an obstructed view. Oceanfront rooms will always be more expensive.

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How To Know What Room You Booked?

If your booking options are unclear, don't be afraid to call the hotel and ask for an explanation of the rooms you're considering. And it never hurts to confirm with reception when you're checking in. If they have availability, they might be able to move you to a room with the view you want.

Also, do your research online. Social media and hotel review websites can be helpful tools when booking a new hotel. Some reviews might illuminate the views from the available rooms, but checking with the hotel will always provide the most direct answer.

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