We wish we started doing this a dozen batches ago.


Ask a Southerner about deviled eggs, and we'll give you approximately 73 of our favorite ways to make them — our current obsession? Tex-Mex! — and 100 more reasons we love 'em.

Then, ask us about our deviled grievances, and we can easily wax poetic on a few: Achieving the perfect ratio of mayo to mustard, paprika hands, folks who let this dainty amuse-bouche sit outside all day. In fact, we even wrote an entire article on a dozen ways to ruin deviled eggs.

Out of all our pet peeves, here's one that drives us particularly crazy: Deviled eggs with wildly off-centered yolks. Professional-level cook and amateur chefs alike know the slight despair that sinks in when you set up a platter of deviled eggs featuring yolks spilling off the sides or quivering towards the pointy ends.

Thankfully, The Kitchn just revealed a smart tip to prevent that, courtesy of cookbook author Nigella Lawson. "In order to help the yolk keep centered as they cook, I leave them lying on their sides in a dish (rather than sitting upright in their boxes) overnight out of the fridge before cooking them," Lawson writes in the introduction to her deviled eggs recipe. "It's not a fail-safe guarantee, but it does seem to make a difference."

Finally, a strategy to help us get our deviled eggs to look as impeccable as they taste. So what are you waiting for? That jar of Dijon mustard isn't going to open itself.