Someone getting a little too friendly with your bins? Try this!

Black Bear
Credit: Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post via Getty Images

There are few things in this world that will scare off a bear determined to find some dinner. Turns out that clowns just might do the trick, which begs the question: does anyone know if bears have read Stephen King's It?

A Salem, Virginia resident posted a video to his YouTube channel showing off the ingenious solution for keeping bears out of his trash bins. The only problem is that the solution just might be more frightening than the bears themselves. The video shows off a new use for those motion-activated clown dolls that are typically used as frightening Halloween decorations. To turn it into a bear deterrent, the creepy clown was attached to a garbage can and when a hungry bear came poking around looking for a snack, it got a big surprise. When the bear tried to knock over the trash bin, it triggered the clown doll, which then started dancing and waving its arms. Once the clown started its creepy cackling, the bear was spooked and ran off. The trash bin was safe and its contents were still in the bin, which meant that the homeowner didn't have to clean up the mess the next day.

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While having a creepy clown doll sitting outside the house year-round might spook the neighbors, we are definitely trying this the next time that we're hanging out at Jellystone Park and that pesky Yogi Bear comes for our pic-a-nic basket.