Let's hear it for Demona Ross of Strong Nation Gear!
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One South Florida mom is bringing more sunshine to the lives of those struggling with hair loss or thinning hair.

As Fox 4 in Southwest Florida recently reported, Fort Myers mom Demona Ross created Strong Nation Gear, a brand of wigs that fit under baseball caps, making the looks ideal for active lifestyles or working out. Ross was inspired to start her company after her own life-long struggle with thin hair.

"I would get the sympathy stares, and I would be like no I'm fine," Demona told Fox 4. "I just don't have any hair, and then I hated when the sweat would drip down into my eyes. So I just thought there has to be a better way to workout." Despite difficult circumstances — Demona and her daughter almost became homeless recently — the inspiring mom is determined to keep a positive outlook. She attributes this positivity to her father, saying, "He lost everything when we were in our 20s. He lost it and instead of wallowing he turned it around."

Amazingly, Strong Nation Gear isn't Ross's only job. She also works as a cook at the Westin Cape Coral and works in sales for liquor distributor Arco Globus International. Meet Demona and learn more about Strong Nation Gear in the video clip below.

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Keep up the amazing work, Demona! Share with us: What woman in your life moves you with her optimism and inspiring side gig?