"I was overwhelmed with tears and smiles and just pure joy."

Michelle Lindsey School Supplies
Credit: Michelle Lindsey

With the school year fast approaching, Michelle Lindsey was a wreck.

For the first time in her 13-year career, the family and consumer science teacher at Lakewood High School in Salemburg, North Carolina, was in a financial situation that left her able to use her own money to buy extra school supplies for her students.

"We are a very rural area. A great deal of my students cannot afford to get the supplies that they need to be successful in not only my classes, but all their classes," Lindsey, 44, explained. "Not having the proper tools can start any student on the wrong path for the school year. Knowing this, each year I have purchased supplies for my students."

But this year was different for the two-time cancer survivor, and it was keeping her up at night.

"It was weighing heavily on my soul," she recalled. "I was a bundle of nerves, my mind constantly spinning—what I can do?"

Michelle Lindsey Lakewood High School
Credit: Michelle Lindsey

So, Lindsey decided to reach out to her Delta Sigma Theta sorority sisters on Facebook. When she shared her Amazon Wish List on her personal page nobody bought anything, but the Delta Sigma Theta group was different.

"I posted in the group that I needed supplies in the Delta group, and it might had been 30 minutes and notifications started flooding my phone," she said. "Sisters that wanted to help me out. They read my post and it moved them."

"They offered words of encouragement, they thanked me for being a teacher. I was overwhelmed with tears and smiles and just pure joy."

Now, Lindsey has nearly 100 boxes of school supplies at her home, and with the support of her sisters from across the country, she feels ready to start a new year.

One of the Delta sisters who contributed was Kimberly Warren Green, a registered nurse in Tacoma, Washington, who just so happened to be a graduate of Lakewood High School. She reached out to Lindsey as soon as she saw her post.

"That's what we do. We help each other," Green told Good Morning America of her Delta Sigma Theta members.

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"For me, my motto is, love is not love until you give it away," Green added. "It would be so wrong of me to not give some of my love away to [my sorority sister] but also to my school that helped me build my foundation of where I am today."