The future of flying is upon us.
A finger print scan is taken, required to qualify for the Clear card from Verified Identity Pass, Inc. The card is part of TSA's (Transportation Security Administration) Registered Traveler program which allows travelers, for a fee, to have their backgrou
Credit: Getty Images / James Leynse / Contributor

Flying out of or through Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) in Arlington, Virginia? You may no longer need to print out a boarding pass or load one on your mobile phone. The so-called "biometric boarding pass" program was first announced in May, as part of a collaboration with CLEAR, whose technology allows you to verify your identity by tapping your finger or blinking your eye.

At first, the partnership allowed travelers to access the Delta Sky Club. Now, this week's news reveals that "eligible" Delta SkyMiles passengers will now be able to board their flights from DCA with the system as well. Soon, customers are also expected to be able to use their fingerprints to check in luggage.

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Gil West, Delta's Senior Executive Vice President & COO explained the move in a company press release, saying, "Once we complete testing, customers throughout our domestic network could start seeing this capability in a matter of months – not years." He also explained that biometric verification has a higher level of accuracy than traditional paper boarding passes and speeds up the boarding process for employee and passenger alike.

While some days we may feel like we'd lose our heads if they weren't attached to our shoulders, as long as we can keep track of our hands, it's a comfort to know that the panicky moments of forgetting or losing your boarding pass with little time to spare at the airport may become a relic of yesteryear.