Lois Wooten celebrated 105 years at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

105th Birthday Card
Credit: Getty Images

What's the secret to longevity? Fried chicken and sweets probably doesn't rank high on your list of guesses, but one Oklahoma woman begs to differ.

"I ate a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Twinkies," Lois Wooten, who celebrates her 105th birthday this Sunday, said in an interview with KOCO-TV in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. These days, Wooten doesn't like to cook much, opting for frozen dinners instead ( "...but who cares?" she quips). Amazingly, she drove until the age of 98 and still lives by herself.

On Wednesday, the centenarian was honored with a proclamation at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City. Watch the video from the ceremony and Wooten chatting with KOCO-TV below.

A resident of Del City, Oklahoma since 1950, Wooten worked as a cafeteria manager at Kerr Junior High in Del City. Her late husband served as a firefighter at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma County.

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Meanwhile, a few states to the east, earlier this spring, North Carolina native Annie Wilson celebrated her 109th birthday. At the end of every week, Wilson looks forward to relaxing with a glass of wine. "That's the only wine I have, is that one little glass of wine on Friday. It's good though," Wilson said to WUSA9.

Wine, KFC, and Twinkies? It's no Blue Zone diet, but we'll take it. Actually, we'll take two glasses and a bucket of chicken pronto, if you don't mind.