Firefighters from the DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department are being heralded as heroes after the heart-stopping helmet cam footage went viral.
Firefighter Catches Girl
Credit: Local 1492

Firefighters from the DeKalb County Fire Rescue Department in Georgia are causing a worldwide sensation after helmet cam footage of a firefighter catching a child tossed from her burning home went viral this week.

In the heart-stopping video (below), third-generation firefighter Capt. Scott Stroup catches the five-year-old girl after she was dropped to safety by her father. The unidentified man was climbing down a ladder from the balcony of the family's blazing third-floor unit at Avondale Forest Apartments in Decatur when he put his daughter's life in Stroup's hands.

"We were catching babies like a football—literally," fire Capt. Eric Jackson recalled to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "There were adults that were on the balcony that were dropping their babies right into our arms. We had a couple firefighters catching babies, so it was just really incredible."

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According to WSB-TV, an estimated 50 people were displaced as a result of the massive fire, and 12 people—eight of them children—were injured.

Stroup wasn't the only firefighter to catch a falling child in the early hours of January 3rd. Capt. Jackie Peckrul, a mother of triplets, told Inside Edition she caught a 4-week-old boy who was dropped from a balcony.

"The original plan was to get up on the balcony with them to assist them on the ladder and have somebody else bring them down," she explained. "I got about halfway up and I look up and somebody was dropping a baby to me."

Our hearts go out to the families impacted by the blaze.