The exhausted deer reportedly made it to land safely.

Swimming Dear
Credit: Facebook/Ryan Rhodes

It's not every day you see a deer doing the doggy paddle. But that's exactly what Outer Banks boaters came upon while crossing the notoriously choppy waters of Oregon Inlet recently.

On Friday, Ryan Rhodes shared a photo taken by friend Alyssa Johnson on Facebook that shows a deer swimming between the Pamlico Sound and Atlantic Ocean.

"Not something you see every day, a deer crossing the Oregon Inlet," Rhodes wrote alongside the incredible shot of a deer paddling away with the old and new inlet bridges in the background.

Fortunately, Johnson said the exhausted deer made it to land.

"Talk about determination or was it disorientation???" Rhodes' caption continued. "It's not uncommon to find deers [sic] swimming, but to cross our inlet with current that can kill and has, is a feat most would opt to avoid."

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Deer are actually strong swimmers and have been known to paddle a mile or more when threatened.

According to Durham Herald Sun, there have been reports of alligators and even snakes swimming parallel to the Outer Banks beaches, but this appears to be the first photo evidence of a deer making the dangerous trek. One person commented saying that his father once spotted a pig making the crossing.