Meet the guys behind the hit podcast, "Deck the Hallmark."


Checklist app? Check. Tea? Check. Non-stop Christmas music? Check! You've got almost everything you need to make the most of this year's killer lineup of Hallmark Channel holiday movies.

The only other thing your movie-watching marathon is missing is a podcast hosted by three ordinary men. (Yes, really.)

Brandon Gray, Daniel Pandolph, and Daniel Thompson are the voices behind Deck the Hallmark, the hit podcast. Together, they watch and then review all 37 of Hallmark's original holiday movies.

"Just 3 dudes…watching Hallmark. What could go wrong?" the iTunes description reads.

Gray, an unabashed fan of the annual holiday programming, recently explained to Country Living that he "hatched" the plan as a way to get his two friends to hang out and watch with him every week. Their views on the movies run the gambit—Thompson "despises" them, and Pandolph is somewhere in the middle. And then there's Gray. He loves them, of course. "This podcast is purely selfish on my part," he admitted.

Their reviews are equal parts hilarious, earnest and fair, serving up commentary even the most devoted Hallmark fans can appreciate. They're already garnered a whopping 20,000 listens so far.

"We get a lot of interaction with Hallmark fans. Typically, it's very positive, most seem to get what we're doing," Gray told Country Living. "Our goal is to try our best to have fun with this without being mean-spirited."

Even the actors are fans of the podcast. To date, they've hosted Kristoffer Polaha, Andrew Walker, Jesse Hutch, and Jen Lilley on the show. But they've got their sights set on one actress in particular: "Candace Cameron Bure, obviously!"

Download and subscribe to Deck the Hallmark on iTunes here. It's also available on Spotify and Google Podcast.