Decatur's very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree has become a bit of a local celebrity.

By Meghan Overdeep
November 16, 2018
Facebook/Pothole #Decaturcrater

Nothing can ruin an already hectic commute quite like a gaping pothole. And when it comes to gaping potholes, the small North Texas town of Decatur has a whopper.

This week, following years of inaction, local resident Ashley Wiley decided to take matters into her own hands. Her solution? Planting a small shrub inside the three-foot crater.

"It's a pothole," Wiley told the Fort Worth Star Telegram. "So why not put a pot in it?"

The vegetation vigilante even shared a video of the planting expedition on Facebook, which quickly garnered praise from her frustrated neighbors.

"It's been there for 10 years," Wiley explained to the Houston Chronicle. "Everybody's been tearing up their vehicles. The day before I planted it, someone left their front bumper in the hole."

Now, thanks to Wiley, not only have people been avoiding the pothole, some have begun decorating the little tree for the holidays, stringing it with lights and ornaments. A few people have even placed presents beneath it.

Standing proudly in a shopping center parking lot off Farm Road 51, Decatur's very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree has become a bit of a local celebrity. It even has its own Facebook page and a catchy nickname, "The Decatur Crater."

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But despite her efforts, Wiley told the Chronicle that the parking lot where the treacherous pothole resides belongs to an out of state business-owner. And because it's out of Wise County's control, it may never get repaired.

At the very least, the locals are getting a kick out of it.

"A lot of people are coming together from the community and having a great laugh about it," she told the Chronicle. "It's much better than all the negative stuff you hear about in the news."