One Woman Created a Face Masks Giving Tree to Help Keep Her Community Safe

We are so inspired.

These days, from coast to coast, we've been amazed by the inspiring acts of kindness—large and small—in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. For sure, we've seen a lengthy list of charitable deeds in our neck of the woods. We've seen Tyler Perry buy groceries for senior citizens in Atlanta and New Orleans. We've seen South Carolina moms band together to buy lunch for University of South Carolina hospital workers. We've seen Dollywood step up to help East Tennessee Children's Hospital and first responders amidst the crisis. Every day, we're moved by all the thoughtful acts of regular people and celebrities alike working hard to help others out during this difficult chapter.

Still life of a self made red face mask on green background, DIY sewing project
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Today, we're particularly inspired by the work of Deb Siggins, who may not be based in the South, but who captures our hearts even so. As Good Morning America originally reported, the Lisbon, Iowa resident was moved to start making face masks after a local hospital, UnityPoint Health's—St. Luke's in Sioux City, Iowa, expressed their need for masks last month in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

"My goal was to make 100 and donate them to the hospital, but then my friends and family wanted some, too," Siggins told the news outlet. She donated this first batch to the hospital and then started to think of ways she could help her local community out, too. Realizing that social distancing would make it difficult to distribute masks in person, she came up with the idea of placing them on a tree. Currently, she estimates she's made over 400 masks.

"It was hard to reach everybody so I just put on Facebook that I had a mask tree," she explained to Good Morning America, noting that this tree is one they normally decorate for Christmas and Easter. "Instead of hiding eggs in the tree, we put masks on it," she added. The tree now stands as a beautiful testament to the power of kindness, check it out below:

We sure hope that next spring this special tree can go back to being used as a tree to celebrate for Easter. For now, we're blown away by this wonderful act of kindness. Can you hear us clapping all the way in Iowa?

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