David Jamison is using his "traumatic" experience with the novel coronavirus to help get us through quarantine.

David Jamison first made headlines last year after a video of him performing elaborate handshake routines with his students went viral.

The fifth-grade teacher at Hickory Ridge Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee, wowed us all with his ability to memorize a unique handshake for each of his 75 students, and perform them with their creators at the start of class. Now, Jamison is hoping to inspire as all yet again, this time by opening up about his experience with COVID-19.

After announcing via Twitter that he had beaten the deadly coronavirus, the language arts teacher spoke with Good Morning America about what he hopes others can gain from his experience.

"I'm looking forward to now inspiring on the importance of how to deal with people who have been through a traumatic experience," Jamison said.

After initially assuming he had the flu, Jamison tested positive for the novel coronavirus at the end of March and was told to self-quarantine for 14 days.

"The basically sent me home and gave me something to help me to calm down," he told GMA. "They were saying I was panicking, which I was, because you get this report and you're watching the news and hearing people are dying of this deadly disease."

Jamison was cleared of COVID-19 in late April and is reportedly still bouncing back. In many ways, the emotional aftermath has been the hardest part—something he hadn’t previously considered.

He said that the whole experience made him realize that people behave differently after facing trauma. It opened his eyes to the fact that students may act out when facing obstacles at home.

For now, Jamison told GMA that wants to use his experience to uplift adults feeling stressed in quarantine.

"We're so used to being busy, having control," he explained. "So now I'm trying to spend more time with God, building my spirit ... to read more about anxiety and speak more words of affirmation."