Darrin Francois also received $3,000,000+ in scholarships.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 20, 2018
YinYang/Getty Images

Do you remember the day you opened up your first college acceptance letter and screamed with glee? These days, snazzy emails and online portals may have replaced some of the snail mail, but the singular feeling of joy remains the same.

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Well, one New Orleans high school senior certainly is familiar with this particular sort of bliss — 83 times, to be specific. Darrin Francois, a student at the International High School of New Orleans, received 83 college acceptance letters and an astounding $3,000,000+ in scholarships.

"I just applied, applied, applied. I didn't know how many it was, so once they started to come through the mail, I was like oh my gosh, this many? Then, they started coming more more and more. Now, today, I have 83 now," says Francois in a news segment on CNN. Happily, Francois is in good company with several of his classmates enjoying acceptance letters from at least 20 schools a piece, along with sizable scholarships.

Congratulations to Francois and all of his classmates on their remarkable achievements. We certainly think this calls for a Friday afternoon beignets break.