The crooner also left a “very generous” tip for the servers to share.

Breakfast lovers are singing the praises of Darius Rucker after the Hootie & the Blowfish singer quietly treated diners at an IHOP in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, to a free meal over the weekend.

Rucker is reportedly a regular at the city's North Highway 17 location, where he visits a couple of times each month.

General Manager Stephen Vitale told WCSC that Rucker approached him after finishing his meal on Sunday and asked about paying for the meals of everyone eating at the restaurant.

"It was a full restaurant," Vitale said. "There were a lot of people. I added it up and he paid."

Darius Rucker
Credit: ABC/Getty Images

He said Rucker also left a "very generous" tip for the servers to share, though he would not divulge the exact dollar amount.

"It caused a lot of excitement," Vitale said, adding that most diners didn't recognize Rucker, who was wearing a mask. The few who did recognize Rucker, thanked him personally for the kind gesture.

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Rucker, a Charleston native, recently moved from the Lowcountry to Nashville with his 16-year-old son Jack.  We're glad to see he's still spending time in his hometown!