The Easter Sunday fortuitous rendez-vous couldn't have come at a better time.

Car with Flat Tire
Credit: Spike Mafford/Getty Images

Getting a flat tire is no fun. Getting a flat tire in a remote area without a lot of car traffic? Less fun than a root canal.

That's why Martha Isbell was so grateful when a Good Samaritan stepped up to help her on Easter Sunday as her tire blew out on the way to church in the tiny town of Lake View, South Carolina. As soon as she saw the man who came to pitch in, Isbell realized it was Darius Leonard — now a linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts — whom Isbell taught high school biology. A native of nearby Nichols, South Carolina, Leonard attended Lake View High School and played for South Carolina State before entering the NFL.

"Thank the lord for angels unaware," exclaims Isbell as Leonard gets on his hands and knees to help fix her flat tire. Watch Isbell's video of the event below, in a clip that has now been viewed 708,100+ times and counting.

Isbell was particularly grateful for Leonard's arrival since she's been busy taking care of her dad, who has stage 4 cancer. Before Leonard arrived, Isbell's only hope for assistance was her very sick father, per Fox 59 in Indianapolis.

"[Leonard] knew it was me...If I had been a complete stranger, he still would have done it anyway. He cares enough to help anyone," said Isbell to the Indianapolis Star, amidst initial media reports that the two were strangers.

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Happily, Isbell was able to make it to church for Easter services and Lenoard could enjoy his day back in his home state, which included a special Easter egg hunt for youngsters.

We're so thankful Isbell got the help she needed, we may even root for the Colts this season.