We will give you a second to grab your tissue box.
Darcie Lynne Farmer Oklahoma Ventriloquist
Credit: America's Got Talent

A young ventriloquist and her bunny puppet took America's Got Talent by storm, earning praise from the judges and the rare "Golden Buzzer" too.

It was hard to know what to expect when 12-year old Darci Lynne Farmer of Oklahoma City took the stage with her bunny puppet, Petunia, in her arms. Noted grouchy judge Simon Cowell looked skeptically at the girl while asking her why she and Petunia decided to enter the talent competition. "I would really like to keep ventriloquism alive because it's not common," says Farmer in the video.

While ventriloquism is rare, Farmer's talent is even more so. As the lights dimmed and Farmer launched into her routine, it was clear this was a very different sort of performance than you typically see with a ventriloquist. Farmer's bunny didn't make jokes or chat with the audience, but burst into a powerful rendition of Summertime. When Farmer tried to join in, the bunny covered her mouth so she could keep the song as a solo act, of sorts. If Farmer had simply been singing, she would have impressed the judges with her incredible voice, but the fact that she did it with her mouth closed and all the credit going to Petunia, made it a jaw-dropping performance.

The routine earned a standing ovation from all four judges, including Simon Cowell, who thought the act was unforgettable. "We had an act early on, who were very good but I'm not going to remember them in an hour. I'm going to remember you in a week, in a month, in a year. You're both brilliant and when you've got it, you've got it," said Cowell.

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Farmer started to tear up as the judges applauded her incredible talent and when judge Mel B hit her buzzer, magic happened. As confetti rained down on the little girl, her mother, host Tyra Banks, and Mel B. all came on to the stage to hug the little star. One word of caution before you watch the video: Grab a tissue first. it's a surprisingly moving video and you may find yourself tearing up.