Get the most out of your farmers market trip.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
June 01, 2019
Farmers Market
Credit: Education Images/UIG/Getty Images

So you're headed to the farmers market. Sure, you can go on just-another-shopping-trip but why not take your haul to the next level?

It's easy to shop smarter — next time you head to the farmers market, follow these tips from Daniela Moreira, Executive Chef and co-owner of Washington, D.C.'s Call Your Mother and James Beard-nominated Timber Pizza Co.:

1. Follow the crowds.

"Go where the people are! Farmers markets are a place for the locals, and the locals usually know what is best. Usually, where the biggest crowd (and line, unfortunately) is where the best produce is — that farm has proven itself to the locals!" Bring a book along so you have something to do while you wait in line.

2. Strike up a conversation with the farmer.

Remember, farmers are experts in whatever they're selling. "...they always know what's best and what's in season," says Moreira. "Take a look at what the farmer is snacking on behind [his or her] stand; that is the key to knowing what is best!"

3. Don't rush.

Savor the experience. "Take your time! You shouldn't rush through aisles like you would at the supermarket. Enjoy the live music, try the pastries, eat at different food stands," suggest Moreira.

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4. Engage your senses.

"Touch and smell everything. You won't find prepackaged produce like you do at a regular store — this is your chance to touch and smell everything before buying," shares Moreira. Getting a taste of a fruit or veggie before you buy is also great, too, but prior to sampling something, be sure to ask if it's okay.

5. Go at the end of the day to save the most money.

"If shopping for prices, go right before the market is about to end. This is when the farmers are trying to get rid of everything they brought with them — you can buy big quantities for less money," notes Moreira.