Even offers of Chick fil-A couldn't get the wayward cow to end his adventure.

Damon Cole Cow Chase
Credit: Twitter/@HeroesandCops

Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole is no stranger to adversity. When he's not working to keep his community safe, the veteran cop is traveling the country masquerading as superheroes to cheer up sick children in the fight for their lives.

But this week Cole came up against an adversary even he and his comic book alter egos weren't prepared for: an escaped cow on a mission.

What began with a call about 20 livestock loose in a Tarrant County neighborhood ended with a lot of sweat, frustration, Chick fil-A references, and the longest foot chase of his 19-year career.

Cole and three other officers managed to quickly get the cows back into their enclosure, save for one particularly bullheaded assailant.

Recording the debacle on his phone, Cole provided roughly four minutes of hilarious commentary as he wandered through prickly vegetation in pursuit of the stubborn cow. The chase, divided between two videos he later uploaded to Twitter (below), might be the most Texas thing we've ever seen.

"For the last 20 minutes I've been chasing this fool, trying to get him back home safely, but he ain't trying to hear it," he says. "I told him I'd take him to Chick-Fil-A… he ain't trying to hear it."

Cole was quick to acknowledge that this was the kind of thing that would only happen in Fort Worth. "That's why they call it cowtown," he says.

Frustrated and out of his element wearing shorts in the high grass, even Cole's repeated offers of Chick fil-A seemed to fall on deaf ears. "Come on buddy, I just don't want you to get hit by a car," he pleads. "You like Chick-Fil-A. I see your signs!"

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It took a while, but Cole and his fellow officers eventually got the cow home safely. No word yet on whether or not he treated him to Chick fil-A.