"Take good care of yourself, honey, and stay sweet, and remember I love you."

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
December 18, 2018
pederk/Getty Images

A walk around Walmart normally doesn't yield extraordinary treasures, unless you consider an electronics deal worth writing home about.

The aisles at a Walmart in Dalton, Georgia, proved otherwise a few weeks ago when a love letter from the 1950s was discovered on the floor of the store.

Jennifer Hendrix, a Walmart Associate, teamed up with her co-worker, a National Guard member and fellow associate who found the note, to search for the letter's home. As Fox 5 Atlanta reports, the novice sleuths were eventually led to Jason Holcomb, believed to be the grandson of Max Holcomb, a military serviceman, who penned the letter in 1954.

The sweet love letter from Max Holcomb to Martha Young talks about how eager Holcomb is to return home in a little over two weeks and his intentions to ask Young's parents for permission to marry her, according to GoodNewsNetwork.org. Though Max and Martha Holcomb have since passed away, the letter has thankfully now been returned to their grandson, Max. "Take good care of yourself, honey, and stay sweet, and remember I love you," one excerpt of the moving letter states, as read by Max Holcomb on Fox 5 Atlanta.

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"They were definitely selfless people. They always thought about each other before they did anything. They were inseparable," Max Holcomb recalls of his grandparents in the TV news segment. Watch the full clip below.

Now, but one mystery remains: How did this special missive wind up at Walmart? Since Hendrix and her colleague were able to return the cherished keepsake to the family, we think we'll be okay if that part of the mystery remains unsolved.