"This sweet old fella will be deeply missed."
Doyle Chimpanzee
Credit: Facebook/Dallas Zoo

Sad news out of Dallas this week.

The Dallas Zoo announced the death of their oldest male chimpanzee on Tuesday. Doyle, who was known as the peacemaker of the troop, reportedly passed away due to age-related health issues. He was one of the oldest chimpanzees in The Association of Zoos and Aquariums' 230-plus zoos.

"Doyle came to us in 2009, and quickly became a favorite, both by his fellow chimps and humans," Dallas Zoo's Facebook tribute to the departed primate reads. "He was kind, gentle, and generous to all the chimps, always ready to lend a hand of friendship to anyone who needed it. He never held a grudge. He was often a mediator, a comforter, a babysitter and a playmate. He contributed greatly to his endangered species, rearing 11 offspring in his lifetime."

The zoo went on to say that the other chimps are doing well, but zoo staff will continue to keep a close eye on them for now.

"Please send your love and support to Doyle's amazing zoologists who are very close to the animals they care for," the post concludes. "This sweet old fella will be deeply missed."

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Our hearts go out to all who knew and loved dear Doyle.