Kindness Counts.
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Dallas radio hosts hoping to inspire a kinder community
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When Scotty K and Bret Mega moved their radio show from Atlanta to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, they were looking for a way to connect with their new community. The radio hosts decided the best way to do this was to really dive in and get involved with their new neighbors. They thought of something they'd done before—a campaign dedicated to acts of kindness and they saw it as a cool opportunity to bring this idea to a new city.

"A lot of people do radio shows but when you help people move or help them paint a fence, you become friends with them," Bret told Southern Living.

Scotty added, "We make these long-term friendships with the people we meet through these acts."

On June 1st, Scotty and Bret launched 93 Days of Kindness on their radio station, Hot 93.3 FM. They've committed to doing a single act of kindness every single day for 93 days and challenged the people of Dallas/Fort Worth as well as anyone who listens to their show online or through their podcast to join in as well—wherever they are.

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"The idea is to reinforce that spreading kindness, no matter how big or small, can have a ripple effect to change people's habits," Scotty said. The guys want people to make the conscious choice to be more kind to others on a daily basis.

Scotty and Bret aren't just talking the talk on this one. They are walking the walk as well. Or as the case may be—the cycle. The campaign kicked off with a 93 hour cycling marathon on stationary bikes to benefit the Genesis Women's Shelter. The shelter helps women in need in the Dallas area. The radio hosts invited their listeners to come down and hop on the bikes for them to offer some relief from all of that cardio.

"The only way we could get off {the bikes} was if people showed up to jump on the bikes for us. We did this to show that women who come to the shelter can't do it alone, they need the support of other people," Scotty said.

A few well-known Dallas residents lent a hand (or as it may be, a foot) and took their turns on the bike as well including, Reggie Cannon from FC Dallas and Real Housewives of Dallas star, Stephanie Hollman.

Scotty and Bret announce on their show and post online what they act of the day is in an effort to encourage their audience to take part. Some are big, organized efforts and some are just simple things we could all do on our own every day.

"We hope it's contagious. We hope it inspires others. We believe that you never ask people to do things you wont' do yourself," Bret said.

That is a motto the duo is living by during this challenge. Since the campaign began the guys have rolled up their sleeves and participated in a build with Habitat for Humanity Dallas, helped out at the Dallas Life Shelter, and led a thank you letter campaign for Dallas first responders.

"It's about leading by example and letting people decide for themselves. It's not about forcing people {to act} but showing them they can," Scotty said.

We think these guys might have the two biggest hearts in radio and we love it!