That's one way to keep date-night interesting.
Javier's Gourmet Mexicano Dallas
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Randy and Paige Flink have been together for 40 years, and to mark the milestone, Randy came up with a clever idea of eating at the restaurants that have been around as long as they have, according to the Dallas Morning News who reported the story.

Randy put together a list of restaurants, clubs, and bars that have hit the same 40-year mark that he and his wife have accomplished. He had other rules, too, like no fast food joints and the restaurants had to be in Dallas and in their original location.

Once the list was compiled, they started to check them off, eating and drinking their way through history. They had eaten at some of the Dallas-area restaurants in the past, such as Javier's the landmark Mexican restaurant where they had their very first date. They are also excited to find new places, ones that they had overlooked despite the fact that in some sense they had been neighbors for almost 40 years.

Of course, some of the restaurants, bars, and clubs that the couple enjoyed back in the day haven't lasted nearly as long as the Flinks. Paige recounted good times at now-shuttered venues like Mariano's, Whiskey River, the Railhead and more to the paper. Luckily wine bars like The Grape and St. Martin's Wine Bistro are still pouring out glasses of red and white, much like they did when the Flinks were just dating.

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The Flinks are hard at work on their mission to turn dinners into time machines, and Randy is eager to find new additions to his list of legacy restaurants, while Paige is happy to join him in the trip through their past. Read about their full adventure over at the Dallas Morning News while you think about the restaurants in your community that would fit the bill. After all, restaurants like relationships only last 40 years if you put in the work.