She also makes miniature replicas of wedding cakes and pets.

Forever Figurines House Ornament
Credit: Forever Figurines

We probably don't have to tell you that Etsy is a treasure-trove of talented artists and their unique, custom creations.

Forever Figurines, an Etsy shop that hand-makes ornaments that look like tiny versions of people's houses, is one such treasure. This veritable Santa's workshop of personalized keepsakes was brought to our attention by our friends over at Apartment Therapy just in time for Christmas shopping and we are forever thankful.

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Samantha, the artist behind the uncanny ornaments, has pages of photos off her work, ranging from cute bungalows to stately mansions. Each figurine is hand-sculpted and hand-painted, and it shows. But that's exactly what makes them so charming.

Forever Figurines House Ornament Before After
Credit: Forever Figurines

Not in the market for a house (ornament)? She also makes miniature replicas of wedding cakes and pets.

Keep in mind that because of demand, Samantha's turnaround time can be up to eight or more weeks. If you're interested in a custom ornament, you can reach out to her through Etsy for an estimate.