Such a magical way to capture the spirit of home.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 07, 2019
Custom Home Portrait
Credit: ChekotovanArt / Etsy

Moving out of a beloved home to your new abode is a bittersweet moment. Picking out an amazing housewarming gift is no easy task. What if we told you we had the perfect keepsake for both of these occasions?

Meet the custom house portrait, which can celebrate the love you had for a former home, or toast a new living space in the most resplendent manner. Last week, the New York Times published a story about how some are opting to commision a painting of a house as a special tribute to put on display. In their piece, the focus is on luxury realtors who gift it to home buyers. But we think a watercolor or portrait also makes an excellent gift to yourself or for loved ones.

"Shoppers are increasingly filling their homes with meaningful items that evoke old memories and help create new ones, and custom watercolor house portraits are the perfect way to do so while also adding an artistic flair to your walls," Etsy Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson shares with Southern Living. "Whether you're commissioning a portrait of your first apartment or your childhood home, Etsy sellers offer the most creative options to help remind you of your roots, while staying true to your personal style. In fact, there are nearly seven thousand results for 'custom house portrait' on Etsy, so there's something for everyone."

While searches on Etsy for custom house portraits have increased over 18% in the last six months (compared to the same time period the year before), the trend extends beyond the home portrait realm. "Similarly, shoppers are also opting for other kinds of personalized illustrations, including portraits of their pets, children, and even wedding venues," notes Isom Johnson.

Need help narrowing down Etsy's options for a personalized house portrait? Above, we've featured the lovely work of ChekotovanArt (from $82), and below is a darling watercolor portrait from StacyZeledonArt (from $110). Other great picks include a custom house drawing from AlenaBergerArt (from $175), a watercolor and gouache illustration from peggyandkate (from $59.23), a custom house portrait from andrinamanon (from $116.19), and a watercolor house painting from booneandjune (from $125).

House Portrait 2
Credit: StacyZeledonArt / Etsy

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Well, it's safe to say it: We are officially obsessed with these personalized portraits. Time to dig up photos of our childhood home. Happy house hunting — watercolor addition!