Aboat time.
Woman by Cruise Ship
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If you love spending your vacation floating on water, you're not alone.

New data from Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has found that more people than ever are choosing to vacation aboard a cruise ship. According to a press release from the organization, global cruising growth showed a 7% increase from 2017 to 2018, hosting a total of 28.5 million passengers. North America, in particular, showed a 9% passenger increase — amounting to 14.2 million passengers in all — for 2018.

"It is not surprising that cruise travel is on par with overall international tourism growth. Cruising makes international travel accessible for travelers worldwide and it is apparent in the 2018 CLIA global passenger findings," said Kelly Craighead, president and CEO, CLIA, in the media statement. "From a renewed interest in cruises to the Mediterranean to a significant increase in adventure cruising, travelers are embracing cruise travel more than ever before." According to an infographic from CLIA, the average cruiser is 47-years-old and cruises for an average of seven days.

Based on the report, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Alaskan travel are all on the rise for North American travelers. Internationally, those same destinations are spiking in popularity. The global data also shows that shorter cruises are trending upwards with seven-day cruise itineraries up 9% and three-day and under cruises up 10% in 2018.

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Whether you're planning a girlfriends getaway on Disney Cruise Line or a solo excursion on a modern Mississippi River cruise, now's the time to rock the boat.

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