Louisiana Crawfish Season Is Off to an Amazing Start with Rock Bottom Prices

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A Crawfish Boil
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Crawfish. Crayfish. Mudbugs. Crawdads. Mudpuppies. No matter what you call 'em, you can bet your bottom dollar that we love a good crawfish boil. Or, you know, however you prepare these delectable sea creatures.

Crawfish season typically runs from November to July, with the best crawfish normally available from late February through May. Though it's still too early for the peak season, down by the Louisiana bayou, things are looking promising. As NOLA.com—the online home of The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate—reported, it's an exciting time in crawfish-ville. So far, there are reports of crawfish prices that are roughly half of what they were a year ago thanks to ample supply, about two-to-three times what there was this time last year.

The article's writer Timothy Boone shares that the price-tracking service, The Crawfish App, is recording rates as low as $2.29 a pound in south Louisiana for live crawfish, with boiled crawfish available for $3.49 a pound. This time last year, the average per pound prices were about $4.50 for live crawfish and almost $7 for boiled crawfish.

"The warm winter weather really helped crawfish to grow and farmers to catch them," Laney King, who co-founded The Crawfish App with her husband Ryan, told the news outlet. Of course, just because things are off to a good start with more than enough supply and many tourists and residents alike eager to enjoy a traditional crawfish boil, that doesn't mean things can't change at the drop of a hat. Or, in the case of aquaculture, with the arrival of a cold front, which could impact the size and quantity of the crawfish harvest.

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For now, we're doing our Mardi Gras happy tap dance and looking forward to feasting on one of our favorite Southern delicacies. Who's got the the water boiling and the corn and newspaper ready? Catch ya down by the bayou.

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