Cracker Barrel Is Serving Up Sparkling Nostalgia With Their Newest Mimosa

It's definitely for the young at heart.

Cracker Barrel Rocket Pop Mimosa
Photo: Courtesy of Cracker Barrel

Never one to settle for basic, Cracker Barrel is giving summer a fresh new flavor. The Lebanon, Tenn.-based restaurant chain just revealed some of their summer food and drink plans, and we have to say, we're thirsty for more.

The best new menu item? The Rocket Pop Mimosa.

Cracker Barrel is serving up their strawberry-and-sparkling-wine beverage with a patriotic twist: a nostalgic red, white, and blue Rocket pop. (You may know this frozen confection by another name: Bomb Pop. We can see why the name change was necessary for this summer sipper.)

With each strawberry mimosa, you'll be able to slurp and lick your way through a fruity pop. It's really the ultimate way to brunch on hot summer days, a two-for-one chilly treat.

The Rocket Pop Mimosa joins fan-favorite Watermelon Lemonade on summer menus. This watermelon-flavored refresher has been on the seasonal menu at Cracker Barrel in years past, and it's back again for a short time. You can buy it by the glass in the restaurants, or get a half gallon to go for your own picnics or parties.

The Rocket Pop Mimosa also expands the existing Cracker Barrel mimosa menu, which currently has a strawberry or an orange option. But if you're not a fan of mixing your sparkling wine with fruit juices, you can order the Gambino Sparkling Wine by itself—or pick from the other wines on the menu, including Chardonnay, Moscato, and a crowd-pleasing sweet red.

Beer is also on offer, and its exactly the brews you'd expect from The Barrel: Michelob Ultra, Blue Moon, classic Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Those beers are precisely what you want to crack open with a family fried chicken dinner.

The restaurant hasn't been in the wine and beer game long. They added alcohol drinks to their menu just two years ago, in 2020. Of course, not every restaurant serves alcohol, so check with your local store before you go.

If you're craving one of these now, you're in luck. They're already in restaurants, and they'll be available through August 7.

Now, could you make one of these at home for yourself? Absolutely. But would it come with fresh biscuits, a stack of pancakes, bacon, and of course their famous hashbrown casserole? No, it would not, and that is reason enough to load up, head to your nearest highway exit, and enjoy this treat right now.

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