Why did the cow cross the road?

By Meghan Overdeep
March 19, 2019
Cow Runs to Chick fil-A
Credit: Facebook/Athena Hopkins

If there's any restaurant where a cow would go to feel safe, we imagine it's Chick fil-A. Heck, the famously chicken-centric fast-food chain even has a cow mascot!

So naturally, the jokes wrote themselves when footage of a loose cow running across a busy street towards a Chick fil-A hit the internet over the weekend.

Athena Hopkins shared the now-viral video (below) of a confused-looking cow weaving in and out of traffic and trotting across a four-lane road in Noblesville, Indiana, on Facebook Saturday. It's unclear how the cow found himself in the dangerous situation, but according to WFLA, the wayward bovine was not hurt and the Noblesville Police Department was able to return him to his owner.

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The comments on the short clip are a goldmine. "He was going to chick fil a, he was late for his job interview," one user wrote. "Did the cops apprehend the cowvict?" another asked.

We're just glad nobody was injured—hungry cow included!