And this time he's got big news!

By Meghan Overdeep
March 27, 2018
Southern Living Third Wheel Maternity Shoot
Credit: Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography

The threesome behind the hilarious third wheel wedding photos that went viral last summer is back, and this time, there's a baby on board!

Brittney and Kody Frysinger and Kody's best friend Mitch Jolliff first took the world by storm with their Pinterest-inspired photos poking fun at Jolliff's role as the couple's less-than-thrilled third wheel. They struck Internet gold thanks to a little Photoshop magic courtesy of their photographer, Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography.

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| Credit: Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography

Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography

bride groom best man third wheel i won photo
pAll in good fun. /p

A few months later, when the Frysingers discovered that they were expecting, it seemed only natural for Berger to do their follow-up photo shoot. Jolliff, now happily resigned to this gig as a semi-professional third wheel, jumped at the opportunity.

"When the wedding photos got so much attention and made so many people laugh, we thought we had to do a follow up when the next big adventure started!" Berger told "Well, the couple got pregnant and we just thought this would be the perfect chance to give everyone an ‘update!' I knew I wanted to include the baby boots into this photo, just to add another dynamic to this group!"

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The results, as you can see, are priceless, even if the photoship is a little more obvious in this one.

"I just love them!" added Berger. "I'm sure Mitch is going to be like an uncle to their kiddos and one day I'm sure they will do the same when Mitch has kiddos!"