Tiny living at its smallest.
Local Color XC Trailer
Credit: Facebook @localcolorxc

Mel Dohmen and Carson Vaughan really like each other. They have to after swapping their home in Lincoln, Nebraska, for a 120-square-foot trailer that is smaller than half the primary baths that show up on Fixer Upper or Property Brothers.

The couple decided that they were up for an adventure and because they were young, didn't have kids or a mortgage, and had jobs they could do on the road, realized they should jump at the opportunity.

They bought a 1968 FAN travel trailer that they found on Craigslist for $1,300, and spent a year renovating it with the help of Vaughn's dad, who is a carpenter. Slowly, they transformed the tiny trailer from a drab '60s RV into a bright and modern home on wheels. "We really wanted to customize the trailer for our year on the road, so we spent extra time creating DIY wall sconces out of plumbing pipe, building a floor cabinet for extra storage and adding a lot of personal touches," Vaughn told Today.com. Because Vaughan is a freelance writer, their new home also had to include a desk, which folds out from the wall as well as plenty of room for sleeping, eating, and just plain living. The entire renovation project cost them about $3,500, which is far, far less than most of the budgets we see on HGTV.

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When renovations were complete, they loaded up their goldendoodle, Costello, and hit the road. Traveling from state to state and exploring this vast country with home and family in tow. They spent a week in each state, before moving to the next. They documented their adventures on their blog, Local Color, including everything from making an emergency run to a Lowe's in Alabama, eating Prince's Hot Chicken in Tennessee, or listening to a Merle Haggard cover band in Florida. "There was always something new to explore together, which made the year feel like it flew by," Vaughn told Today.com.

The couple spent an entire year roaming the country in their extra tiny house, and at the end of it all, they still really like each other.