"How we met, it blows us away."
Brittany Wright and Tyler Tipp Wedding
Credit: Del Sol Photography

Brittany Wright and Tyler Tipp know a thing or two about silver linings.

Wright, from Dallas, and Tipp met for the first time at a work conference in Seattle in July 2017.

"We instantly had gravitated to each other because of our personalities. It was strictly a friendship and really just opened up with each other," Wright told Inside Edition. "We were both married and both in bad marriages and confided in each other because we both understood."

They didn't know it at the time, but on the last day of the conference, they would both experience the worst moments of their lives.

Wright's husband had been texting her all day, leading up to one final message: "I want a divorce."

A few hours later, Tipp received a call from his wife. She had left him. Heartbroken, he called his new friend, Wright.

"I could hear he was just devastated," she recalled to Inside Edition. "And I told him if it made him feel any better, I am moving out when I get home."

With her back in Texas and him back in Seattle, the two continued to talk. Over the course of 70 days, while they were going through their respective divorces, Wright and Tipp became the best of friends. By the time she asked him to be her date to a wedding in Colorado a few months later, they were head-over-heels in love. The couple maintained a long-distance relationship until January 1, 2018, when Tipp popped the question.

Three days later, Tipps' boss asked if he would transfer to a position in Dallas.

"I was like this has to be a sign from God because we weren't really talking about moving. We were just going to be engaged and do long distance for a while. This is something that just has to be meant to be," Wright said to Inside Edition.

In September 2018, the pair tied the knot in a romantic Riviera Maya wedding, captured by Del Sol Photography.

Brittany Wright and Tyler Tipp Wedding Ceremony
Credit: Del Sol Photography

"When I met Tyler, I remember coming back from the weekend and telling my coworker that I met that man that I always going to marry," Wright continued. "For us it was timing, it was definitely not our plan. It was all good changes, but it really threw us for a loop because our whole entire world changed. It all changed for the better."

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After the wedding, Wright told her photographers that their story starts and ends with God. "How we met, it blows us away," she said. "We really believe that God had it all planned out for us to meet and fall in love."