Nobody loves Costco more than little Kimber Walker.


It took two years of pleading, but on February 18, five-year-old Kimber Walker of Lexington, North Carolina finally got the Costco-themed birthday party of her dreams.

"She loves Costco so much. She loves the pizza and the samples," her mother, Niki Walker, told Popsugar. After having dealt with a handful of medical complications last year, Niki said Kimber deserved to have her birthday wish come true.

Costco Party Birthday Cake
Credit: Courtesy of Niki Walker

To pull off the unique theme, Kimber's parents served Kirkland brand hot dogs, ice cream, and pizza, along with a chocolate birthday cake that read "Costco Employee of the Month. 5 Years of Service." Niki also set up a mini Costco shop in their living room, complete with a cash register, dollar bills with Kimber's face on them, and little stations for guests to sample snacks.

Costco Party
Credit: Courtesy of Niki Walker

And because there's no better time to go big than a bulk-sized party, Kimber was also named Costco's "Employee of the Month" thanks to a special badge gifted to her by the staff at Costco's Winston-Salem location. "She was thrilled," her mother recalled Popsugar. "She showed all of the employees the day she got it."

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So how do you top a Costco-themed birthday party? Kimber doesn't plan to. Niki says Kimber has her heart set on a more conventional theme for next year's bash, most likely inspired by Peppa Pig.