Costco Birthday Cake
Credit: slobo/Getty Images

Costco fandom comes in a lot of forms. From themed five-year-old birthday parties to fisticuffs over free samples, we've known Costco shoppers express their love for the bulk retailer in a variety of ways.

But we've never seen anything quite so magnificent as the birthday cake (below) that Los Angeles-based baker Samantha Waller whipped up for her friend Nikki's 30th birthday this week.

"She is obsessed with Costco," Waller explained to The Kitchn.

Decked out in all things Costco, the three-tier confection is enough to bring tears of joy to any seasoned shopper's eyes. In addition to an edible membership card, Waller created all of Nikki's favorite Costco foods out of fondant to garnish it: croissants, churros, pizza, hot dogs, pumpkin pie, and soda. There's even a giant receipt. The only thing missing is a rotisserie chicken!

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Even with all the tiny details she included (look at the olives on the pizza!) Waller told The Kitchn that the hardest part of making the cake was actually the churros, "Piping fondant through a metal star tip is definitely not easy."

Looking for a Costco cake of your own? You can find Waller's work on Instagram and Facebook.