You'll never guess what * on a price tag means.


"It was too rare to be normal, any true thing between two people is too rare to be normal," Tennessee Williams wisely wrote in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The same, too, could be said of our relationship with Costco. Our obsession may be far from normal (Those samples! Costco wine! Kirkland Signature...everything), but it is a rare and special thing, indeed.

Now, the warehouse retailer holds plenty of secrets. How, for example, does their peanut butter get so delightfully creamy? But here's one cat out of the bag, or off the proverbial roof: If you see an asterisk on the upper righthand corner of a price tag, it means Costco won't be restocking the product in the immediate future.

As Reader's Digest reports, the symbol indicates that the product is being discontinued. If an asterisk is on a seasonal item, don't immediately panic. The item could return next year. But if anything else you love has that magic mark, it could soon be gone for good. Better stock up! Obviously, customers aren't alerted as to why the product is being pulled from shelves, but the reasons could vary from it simply being unpopular to supply-chain issues in obtaining the item going forwards.

Please, please, let us never see that little star on our favorite beauty steals, Powers of Kirkland.