We were SO wrong about this one.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 28, 2018

What's sugary, and sweet, and iced all over? A Costco sheet cake, of course. But for those unfamiliar with the dessert, and even those who have seen it surface at the occasional office function, you may expect the mega warehouse club to pedal flavor concoctions in every color of the rainbow. Because...it's the Land of Everything, it's the Purveryor of All Goods, it's Costco. Think again.

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As Delish reports, there are actually only two flavors of the legendary sheet cake, made popular by five-year-old's birthday parties and summer barbecues nationwide. Don't expect any fancy coconut chiffon or blackberry-raspberry truffle concoctions here.

Instead, Costco abides by the K.I.S.S. ethos (Keep It Simple, Sally) and doles out its popular sheet cake in only two flavors: "white cake" and "chocolate cake." The vanilla rendition blankets vanilla cheesecake mousse within vanilla sheet cake and icing is layered on thick in the form of white buttercream. Fittingly, the chocolate cake takes chocolate for the base with chocolate cheesecake mousse filling, and—you guessed it—chocolate buttercream icing. (If you want more flavors, head to Costco in Australia where raspberry filling is paired with both chocolate and also vanilla sponge cake.)

Of course, you can jazz up your cake with nearly endless personalization options. Simply place an order with the bakery and your customized sheet cake will be waiting for you in a day or two.


Meanwhile, that should give you enough time to stock up on Costco wine, clean off the dining room table, and get ready for that cheescake-sheetcake coma.