Oh, yum!

Costco Everything-Bagel-Crusted Cod Fillets
Credit: Instagram/@Costco_doesitagain

Everything bagels and cod? That's right y'all! It's a breakfast/dinner marriage we didn't see coming, but it's one we're definitely happy about.

According to the popular Costco fan account, Costco Does It Again, our favorite bulk retailer is now selling Everything-Bagel-Crusted Cod Fillets.

The brand behind Costco's newest frozen delicacy is Canada-based High Liner Foods Inc., which has been around for 115 years and has an impressive commitment to sustainability.

Other than that, not much is known about the new entrée, but based on the four adjectives emblazoned on the box—savory, salty, toasty and crunchy—and the fact that it combines wild-caught cod and a classic bagel seasoning, we feel confident that it's delicious.

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Costco isn't the first retailer to jump on the everything bagel seasoning train. Trader Joe's beloved Everything but The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend took over the world back in 2017, and forever changed the way we look at bagels… and breakfast for that matter.

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