Buyer beware.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
February 21, 2019
Credit: Spencer Grant/Getty Images

When was the last time you went to Costco and actually stuck to your shopping list? Tsk tsk.

The bulk retailer has actually put a lot of thought into making the most of your shopping experience, which, conveniently for them, means coming up with creative ways to get you to spend more money. Below, five savvy ways they get you to lay down more dough.

1. Samples galore.

You don't need to have been a psychology major in college to figure out that handing out all those free samples primes customers to make impulse purchases. Try to limit yourself to only one or two samples per Costco run, and vow before trying that you won't buy it today. If you still want a given item on your next Costco outing, go ahead and buy it, but forcing yourself to engage in a waiting period will help prevent you from making purchases you don't really need.

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2. Constantly relocating products.

So sneaky. "One way Costco gets you to spend more is by consistently moving things around the store. After all, the more time you spend looking for something, the more opportunity for you to see other items you 'need,'" writes Juliana LaBianca for Reader's Digest. You've brought that shopping list along right? Hocus pocus, gotta focus.

3. Presenting expensive purchases front-and-center.

It's no coincidence that you're greeted with pricey tech products when you first walk into Costco. "Do not be distracted by the big-screen televisions, smartphones, and other pretty, but irrelevant, toys by the entrance. Costco is attacking your muster yet again and silently urging another impulse buy," writes Lauren Hamer for Cheat Sheet. As Hamer points out, grocery stores employ a similar tactic by displaying their "brightest and shiniest produce at the front of the store" to get you to load up from the outset.

4. Keeping decor low-key.

No bells and whistles in the Land of Costco. By removing the distraction of, say, pretty lighting and handsome flooring the bare-bones ambiance makes you feel like you're scoring rock-bottom prices in a sterile warehouse setting. Even if you're not.

5. Making you buy a membership.

The mere fact that Costco is a warehouse club and not a place in which anybody can enjoy full shopping privileges may actually inspire you to buy more than you otherwise would. In that massive sprint to "feel like you're getting your money's worth" out of your membership, remind yourself that having 50 rolls of paper towels in your coat closet really isn't worth it. (Your poor son trying to find his favorite winter hat that slipped between your plunder agrees.)