Spring has sprung at Costco!

There are many benefits to social media, but today, we're thankful for one Instagram account in particular.

CostcoSisters is a fan-run account dedicated to hunting down and sharing the best Costco finds. From new products to sales on favorites, it's a must-follow for Costco enthusiasts.

Recently, CostcoSisters posted a photo of the sweetest little lavender trees being sold at a Los Angeles-area Costco for just $19 each. They even come with their own water reservoir planters.

We can almost smell them through our screen! And for $19, it's going to take all our strength not to buy a whole truckload of them!

Credit: Steve Heap/Getty Images

To get the most out of your aromatic plant, keep in mind that lavender needs a lot of time in the full sun. It also thrives off of heat, which means it does well alongside heat-retaining objects, such as sidewalks, along a stone wall, or around a concrete pool side.

Lavender trees are available at select Costco locations for a limited time. Call your local Costco store for availability.