Costco Is Selling the Cutest Potted Lavender Trees

Spring has sprung at Costco!

There are many benefits to social media, but today, we're thankful for one Instagram account in particular.

CostcoSisters is a fan-run account dedicated to hunting down and sharing the best Costco finds. From new products to sales on favorites, it's a must-follow for Costco enthusiasts.

Steve Heap/Getty Images

Recently, CostcoSisters posted a photo of the sweetest little lavender trees being sold at a Los Angeles-area Costco for just $19 each. They even come with their own water reservoir planters.

We can almost smell them through our screen! And for $19, it's going to take all our strength not to buy a whole truckload of them!

To get the most out of your aromatic plant, keep in mind that lavender needs a lot of time in the full sun. It also thrives off of heat, which means it does well alongside heat-retaining objects, such as sidewalks, along a stone wall, or around a concrete pool side.

Lavender trees are available at select Costco locations for a limited time. Call your local Costco store for availability.

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