Happy shopping.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
August 29, 2018
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Credit: Geri Lavrov/Getty Images

For sure, e-commerce giant Amazon has a dizzying array of amazing deals. But while you may keep your Costco shopping to an in-store experience, did you know their website also offers an impressive selection of discounted goods? Business Insider recently rounded up 30 items you can get online at Costco for cheaper than Amazon, and their findings may surprise you. Read on for five of our favorite steals available now at Costco.com.

1. K. Bell Ladies' No Show Sock, nine pairs for $7.99

You can always use some extra socks, and these comfy pairs are around $8 less than what Amazon gets for them. You may want to add a few orders to your cart.

Buy them on Costco here.

2. Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2-liters for $16.99

We're big fans of Kirkland's EVOO and this large package can last for months. Meanwhile, two liters of Colavita Premium Olive Oil on Amazon.com will set you back $22.99.

Buy it on Costco here.

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3. Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel, 40 ounce for $19.99

You'll wash up happier knowing your shower gel only set you back around $20, compared to buying the same container of Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel on Amazon for $26.99.

Buy it on Costco here.

4. General Mills Honey Nut Cherries, 27.5 ounce, 2 count for $9.29

This tasty breakfast cereal is a steal on Costco.com, where you can pick up two boxes for less than $10. On Amazon, one 27.5 ounce box costs $6.19.

Buy them on Costco here.

5. Kirkland Signature Organic Maple Syrup, 33.8 ounce for $13.29

Maple syrup, how we love thee, but you don't come cheap. At Costco, though, you can score a 33.8 ounce jug for $13.29, compared to a 32 ounce jug on Amazon for $24.84, a roughly $10 price diference.

Buy it on Costco here.

Worth noting: "To shop online [at Costco], you don't have to have a membership card, but there are caveats. For non-members, most online items apply a 5% surcharge at checkout," as Business Insider's Remi Rosmarin notes, who also adds that some items on Costco.com have a delivery fee (though separate delivery fees get waived for purchases over $75).

Bottom line? You may think Amazon is your best bet for superior deals online, but Costco may prove equally alluring, if not better, especially for members.