How one shop helped make a 93-year old's prom night wonderful.

Pink Rose Corsage
Credit: BuckleyPics/Getty Images

A high school junior took his 93-year old grandmother to prom and the world melted over the heart-warming story. That was old news to the folks at the Blossom Shop, though. "I just remember that when they came in, I asked what color dress the date would be wearing," says MaryEllen Budd, who took the order at the Blossom Shop. "They said she would be wearing pink and wanted something dainty. Then they explained it was his 93-year old grandmother."

Budd was touched by the story and helped make sure that The Blossom Shop in Summerville, South Carolina delivered exactly what the 93-year old prom dated wanted for her corsage. It was no surprise that she was happy with the order, as the shop has been making corsages for almost 75 years. As prom season gets underway, the orders start coming in for corsages and boutonnieres and the employees start to carefully craft each one, always opting for quality despite the quantity—and it's a big quantity. This prom season alone The Blossom Shop is expecting to make around 250 of them all destined to decorate the arms or lapels of Summerville's high school students who are all dressed up for a memorable night.

The Blossom Shop's corsages are usually made with spray roses and ribbons that will suit almost any color dress. Spray roses are traditional because, according to Budd, they have more coverage and "hold up a little bit better when they're dancing the night away." Spray roses aren't the only option, though, and they've made corsages out of orchids and calla lilies or whatever a customer requests. "We try to work with them to create something special," says Budd. "We want them to remember the night and the flowers."

While traditional is always in style, Budd admits it fun when customers are thinking outside of the corsage box. "It's more fun to get creative," she says, recounting making corsages for an ‘80s prom-themed 50th birthday party that required "crazy, wild, and loud" corsages to fit the theme. "It was fun trying something a little out of the norm," she says, with a laugh.

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It's this attention to detail that has kept The Blossom Shop in business for nearly 75 years. They keep their business purely local, eschewing wire service orders and instead focusing on the weddings, funerals, and proms taking place in their own community. It's part of what keeps their customers coming back, even if they move outside of Summerville. "We recently had some customers drive from Myrtle Beach to get our corsages," says Budd. "They moved away and wanted to come back to get their flowers from us." That is the ultimate compliment.