Wild Horse Herd Welcomes First Foal Since Deadly Hurricane Season on the Outer Banks

"Arturo is proof that life goes on."

World, meet Arturo!

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund has a lot to celebrate after spotting a foal wandering the North Carolina barrier island last week. The little guy, estimated to be about one week old, is believed to be the first born to the Corolla herd after a brutal hurricane season on the Outer Banks.

Corolla Wild Horses
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Herd manager Meg Puckett shared a photo of the gangly foal, a bay with two socks and a star, learning to walk alongside his mom, North Star. They added that the fund is giving all the 2020 foals 'A' names this year in honor of Amadeo, the beloved, 40-year-old blind mustang who died last month.

"He is surely keeping a close eye on this little one," Puckett wrote.

"Arturo is a special foal for many reasons—the first of 2020, the first for North Star, a ray of light during a dark time in the world, and a healthy addition to a herd that needs new members," Puckett wrote in a follow-up post confirming his sex. "Arturo is proof that life goes on."

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"Legacies continue with careful management, and even the horses that can no longer stay in the wild leave their mark on the herd," she continued. "They all have a story, and a purpose, and we are dedicated to protecting them for many, many generations to come."

We can't wait to watch you grow, Arturo!

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