See how the wild horses of the Outer Banks manage to hide in plain sight.

By Meghan Overdeep
February 05, 2020

Five centuries of life on the Outer Banks have taught North Carolina’s wild horses some pretty neat survival techniques.

Yesterday, six months after they educated us on the horses’ brilliant “butts to the wind” technique for weathering hurricanes, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund took to Facebook to demonstrate yet another one of their tricks.

“How many horses do you see?” the nonprofit asked alongside a photo of what appears to be a single horse hiding amongst the brown sea grass.

Believe it or not, but there are six horses in the photo.

The other five are so well hidden that the Corolla Wild Horse Fund had to post another photo with all of the sneaky horses circled in red. One frustrated commenter said he even got his magnifying glass to aid in the hunt!

As National Geographic points out, the ability to hide in plain sight is just one of the many survival skills employed by these wild beauties. To thrive on these harsh islands, the horses dig for freshwater, sleep on the beach to avoid bugs, and swim from island to island to find fresh grazing areas.

We don’t mind if we have trouble seeing them—whatever keeps them safe!