"You know we served for the military, we served for the nation, and now it's time to serve the community."

In cities and towns grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, first responders have had the hard task of prioritizing emergency calls. But, thanks to a group of benevolent South Georgia veterans, first responders in and around the city of Columbus have been able to focus on the most urgent cases.

The Community Warriors, a group of veterans who volunteer throughout the community, are giving back to first responders by helping to answer some of the less dire calls.

“You know we served for the military, we served for the nation, and now it’s time to serve the community,” said Hai Clay, president of The Community Warriors, told WTVM.

The group is assisting Columbus Fire and EMS by taking care of what are known as “lift and assist” calls.

“Basically, someone’s in the house, they just need help getting out of a wheelchair into another seating arrangement like another chair, or maybe they’re in bed and need help getting out of bed,” Fire Chief Greg Lang explained.” The person that’s there can’t really do that.”

According to Lang, Columbus Fire and EMS typically receives 12 to 20 of these “lift and assist” calls each month. The Community Warriors has 15 volunteers insured under the Good Samaritan Act that have been trained, tested negative for the coronavirus, and are ready to help.

“Due to the fact we’re already running enough because of the COVID-19 calls plus our regular emergency calls we get normally, so you compound those two issues along with the lift assist calls, it just puts an extra burden on our personnel," Lang told WTVM. "And I can’t say enough about Hai Clay and The Community Warriors for stepping up and willing to help our department out on assisting us with these calls.”

Well done, y’all!