Dusty screens beware!

Coffee Filters
Credit: Riou/Getty Images

From storing cast iron skillets to potting indoor plants, coffee filters are good for a lot more than just making coffee. And now, savvy DIY-ers are making the case for moving these popular kitchen staples into the living room.

Dry, clean, coffee filters, it turns out, are ideal for dusting screens big and small. Good-quality filters are made from 100% virgin paper, which means you can use them to clean LCD television screens, smart phone screens, computer monitors, and even your eyeglasses without leaving a trace of lint. And, as an added bonus, coffee filters cut down on static, which means dust is less likely to be attracted to your freshly cleaned screen.

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To dust your television with a coffee filter, start by turning it off. Then, wipe a dry filter across the screen in a sweeping motion, covering every inch. The filter will attract all that pesky dust without leaving a trace.