Grab your favorite mug.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
August 31, 2019
Coffee Mate Peppermint Mocha and Cookies
Credit: Coffee mate

School is back in session, the humidity is slightly decreasing, and the days are getting shorter. These are all signs that the holidays are just around the corner! But you don't have to wait until November to get into the spirit. Throw on your favorite chunky sweater, (crank up the air conditioner if necessary) turn on the Hallmark Channel, and grab your favorite mug. You don't have to look any further than your morning cup of Joe to find a little touch of holiday celebration.

Coffee mate's new and returning fall and holiday flavors will be in stores nationwide from September through the end of the holiday season.

The array of flavors is vast and there is a creamer for just about every palate. Whether you're a pumpkin spice gal or dark chocolate peppermint more tickles your fancy, there's a flavor to fill every cup. Ever dedicated to our jobs, the editors at Southern Living sampled the lot and here are our favorites.

Natural Bliss Pumpkin Spice

We absolutely loved this version from Coffee Mate's Natural Bliss line that keeps it simple blending real milk and cream with spices and real pumpkin for this warm serving of autumn in a cup. It's not as pumpkin forward as other brands' offerings but instead has a subtle, warm, gingerbread flavor with just the right amount of sugar.

Natural Bliss Maple Almond Milk

This is a great choice for anyone who needs a dairy-free option, but it's delicious enough for all. If you discovered it last year, this flavor was only out in limited release and is back on store shelves for the whole season. One editor described it as, "it's sweet without being overwhelming and gives your coffee just a hint of fall flavor."

Coffee Mate Red Velvet

This decadent flavor is a brand-new addition to the holiday line up and a natural choice for us Southerners. Red velvet cake in our morning java? Absolutely! And far less calories than an actual slice of cake.

Coffee Mate Peppermint Mocha

Another new addition made our favorites list. This is the perfect substitute for that expensive coffee shop version. Save a few bucks and be your own barista. It's also a great choice for Thin Mint lovers as it tastes like you popped a cookie or three into your coffee.

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Also notable and new to your grocery store shelves this year are Natural Bliss Toasted Coconut, which was a big hit with our crowd, and two non-dairy options—a plant based half and half (half coconut cream and half almond milk) and an oat milk vanilla that we think would also be a great addition to your morning smoothie.